Video subtitle translator

Our online English subtitling enables you to translate videos into other languages by adding subtitle translations directly to the video.

The subtitle translator extracts speech from the video and converts it to text. Afterward, it automatically translates the text into the language of your choice. Moreover, it offers you the capability to modify both the transcription and the translation using a dedicated editor, enabling you to customize the subtitles to suit your specific needs perfectly.

Video subtitle translator

Translate YouTube subtitles

The subtitle translator can seamlessly load videos directly from YouTube and provide instant translations. Once the video's audio is translated, you have the option to take it a step further by obtaining a text translation, which can then be displayed in the video subtitles.

You have the flexibility to modify the automatically generated subtitles to suit your personal or professional requirements. Additionally, you can deactivate the subtitles if you prefer to keep only the voice translation.

Translate YouTube subtitles

How to display the subtitle translation?

1. Upload your video

You can easily import your video from various sources, including your computer, phone, or directly from YouTube.

2. Select video language

Please select the original language of your video.

3. Select translation language

Please select the language into which you want to translate your audio.

4. Click on the "Translate" button

Our video translator will efficiently translate the audio from your video within minutes.

5. Show subtitles

Please enable the display of subtitle translation in step 4.